Live Day Trading: Making $1,400 Online in 5 Minutes

All right, I think I’m gonna go to 19.15 here based off how things are, so we’ll see if we can get a move up through 19 on the open, went up as high as 18.84, so one penny below where I wanted in that, but this one can move pretty quick. Let’s see, when… I thought the market would be open by now, should be any second now, there we go, the market is open, okay, so I got those, and like I said, I will look to build some more. So, I’m putting out some more orders, just 300 share lots, so I now have 1500 shares, nice, so let me put out some buy orders there. We’ll look to get some more above 21 if it wants to get up there. Again, just 300 share lots, so nothing huge.

Again, my average right now is right at 20, so let’s see if I can get the breakdown below the $20 mark. 20 right now seems to be a bit of an area of support, so there’s the break; I start to take profits down around the 19.75 mark. K, nice, got some orders up there. Looking to pull out some shares here, down in the 20s. So, let’s see if it can break down through that 20.50 mark. I’m not sure how many shares I actually got off, so it’s moving back up, looking like I’ll be able to get some more potentially here.

Yep, so let’s see if I can get some at these levels up here. Let’s try for some, k, got some more up at 22.25. There we go. Just putting out some orders down there if it wants to pull back some. So, 21 now was kinda that initial key break where if it can get down there or below, I’ll be sittin’ nice, so let’s see if it wants to, so there’s the break of 21. So, now I have 938, and what I’m gonna do is just follow this down with the stop loss, put it right here at 81 for those final 938 shares, and now I’m just gonna move this down, so now it’s not a question of if I make money but how much money I’m gonna make, so there, $1400 on the trade; it’s 9:35 a.m., so five minutes in, so yeah, I’m happy with that start to the day, I’m gonna keep an eye on this one and also actually see SIG, all right, let’s potentially look into playing this one here 40.75, double-checking some things.

K, I’m gonna put out a buy order there. So, I will keep you updated on that one, and we’ll see what happens. Have a order at 22.40 to begin that whole process over again lookin’ like it could potentially be a previous area of resistance, but if it breaks through there, again, only 300 shares, so am I gonna make a lot on the 300 shares if that’s how I get? I am not, but the idea here is to build bigger like you just saw happen, so we’ll see if it can get back up to 22.40 or not. All right, have that red line up there, that’s representing the 22.40 mark. And as you see here, the price is making another move, so we’ll see if it can get up to 22.40 or not.

This one, as you’ve seen, can be very jumpy, so I’ll do my best to capture an entry point on video, but all right, I’ll keep it rollin’ now, see if it can get up through 22, there’s the break. Okay, I’m in there, again, not gonna make a whole lot on just the initial allotment of shares, all right, so I’m out there, we’ll look to start the process all over again at 23.25, so I just double-checking, so there we go. Again, I got in and out quickly.

It gave me the quick 15 cents, so I took it, but in the event that this thing wants to keep on moving, I’m ready to re-start the process up there at 23.25, so we’ll see if it can get up there or not. All right, I’m just gonna go ahead and wrap this up. Caught an entire trade, actually two trades, but the one was from start to finish and a nice-sized gain on that. If you enjoy these videos, a few things: The easiest way to communicate that to me is, “Hey Clay, please keep making these.”

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